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Sultans’ Pool—An Open Air Amphitheatre

Jerusalem - Israel


Cradled in the Hinon Valley that lies to the west of the Old City of Jerusalem is the Sultan’s Pool. This Natural valley was dammed by King Herod and again in 1536 by Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent to contain water for the Old City and is now an open air amphitheater. The area was designed so as to terrace the amphitheater with the existing natural stone while stone stage is enhanced by a large steel space frame backdrop - an “acoustic shell” that breaks down after each summer season and is stored under the stage. The amphitheater then becomes a landscaped valley through the winter until the summer performance season returns. The backdrop for this theatre is the Old City of Jerusalem. (built 1982)



* For the past years the acoustic shell
wasn’t build and several changes were made to the original plan.

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