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A Comprehensive Plan for Yarkon River

Tel-Aviv - Israel


Rivers have hydrological function.

However their urban and social function is unique and it can change the quality of life of communities that reside along the river.


The Yarkon river comprehensive plan transformed the quality of life of millions of residents of the most densely populated area of Israel. The decline of the Yarkon river basin which started in the 50ies of last century was a result of intensive pumping of spring water diverted to cities for urban usage and for irrigating the agriculture of the Israeli desert. The wasteland which resulted from this loss of water supply created a poor urban environment along the Yarkon.


The master plan for the Yarkon river created an holistic approach to a region that stretches for 28 km and is 38 square kilometers connecting the slopes of the hills on the east to the Mediterranean. 7 urban continuous municipalities dwell along the Yarkon River that creates together the longest conurbation in the country.

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