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2015             The Kidron Valley—Wadi El Nar. Master Plan and Action Plan.

                            (in Collaboration with Arch. Liora Meron ans Prof. Reuven Laster)

2015             Copper Mine, Timna, Southern Israel.

2014             “D” Quarter, Beit Shemesh.

                            (in Collaboration with Arch. Ofer Ta-Or)

2009            Jerusalem Main Entrance. (Competition).

2008            Tang Da Ming Gong—Urban Heritage Park and Palace                                             Preservation, X’ian, China.

                          Winning entry in a design competition.

2006            Ming Tombs Valley Conervation Master Plan, China.

                            (in Collaboration with Arch. Giora Solar)

2008                The Central Precinct of Israel,  Jerusalem.  
   Winning entry in a design competition. (in Collaboration with I. Peleg & Y. Burshtein)

2000                A Comprehensive Plan for Yarkon River.

                                     (in Collaboration with Arch. A. Brandeis)

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