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The Studio

Our studio is located in a beautiful stone house in the Old Village of Lifta, just north of the main entrance to Jerusalem, facing breathtaking views of the Judean hills and the Soreq Valley, surrounded  by fruit trees. grapevines and the nature vegetation of the area.

The village of Lifta is a beautiful old Arab village. Suprisingly it has remained undeveloped and only several of its houses are renovated and inhabited.

Upon moving to the studio in 1996, the building underwent meticulous conservation in which elements of the original Arab architecture were restored. 

Thick walls and roof ventilation, combined with close shutters during the summer - keep the office cool all summer long.

The office is led by Salme, Heli and Arie Rahamimoff. it is involved in urban planning & design, river planning, preservation of historic cities, university buildings and private residences.

The practice includes projects also in Malta and China.

The office team consist of 8 architects and stuff, some of the projects are carried out in collaboration with colleagues around the country and abroad.

Throughout the years conservation, sustainability and climatic design as well as social issues have always been leading considerations in the planning process and are parts of Salme. Heli and Arie's professional expertise. 


Throughout  its 30 years of work the office has won 8 first prizes in architecture competitions.

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