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Salme Rahamimoff

Born in Liperi, Finland in 1944.

Graduated from Atheneum, The School of Environmental and Interior Design in Helsinki in 1970.

Mother of Heli-Tal, Joni and Adi.

Salme has practiced architecture in Israel, with Arie, since 1971. They collaborate on all architectural projects in their practice.

I n her work, Salme emphasizes the integration between interior

And interior design. All components of  a building are integrated into a cohesive entity.

Salme's design philosophy is best understood through two private residences designed for unique clients and sites.

The home of Ofra and David Faiman is located in the Negev desert, in southern Israel. Home to a theater director and professor of solar energy,  the design expresses the uniqueness of its occupants as well as their love of the desert.  A 60 seat private theater with both indoor and outdoor stages reflects o design

In the village of  Sharona, located  in the northern Galilee, Salme designed  the Kirschner-Ben  Joseph  residence. Anat  raises horses, while Seffi is a writer and traveler. The project included the design of a private residence with nearby stables and training fields.

Horse training and stable management are more than just  a profession; they are a reflection of the family's way of life. Rich and varied collections of professional books and objects,

acquired around the world, served as the primary inspiration for the design. The  glass facade of the residence is facing the stables, thus establishing o strong link between the two.

The exposed wooden structure of the covered veranda was designed to further unify the two separate structures.

Salme's work, whether single residences or institutions, reflects her  interest  in  both her  clients and site environment.

Comprehensive solutions encompass landscaping, structure, interior and exterior detailing in order to achieve a unified and successful result.

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