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Heli Rahamimoff

Born in Jerusalem in 1973, Heli graduated with a B.Arch from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem (2002) & is about to finish her masters in arts from TAU.

Heli works with Arie and Salme Rahamimoff since 2006.


Content, Space and Matter guide her personal architectural philosophy. These three elements must be based on program, unique qualities of place and client's needs.


At Rahamimoff Architects Heli heads diverse projects, guiding

them from concept  to construction and through the various stages of design . Private housing and residences, and public buildings such as  on academic campus building, a youth hostel, and a senior citizen residence are the primary focus of  Heli's work.


Heli's earlier work involved mainly museum and exhibition design, as well as private residence and lighting design at the firm of Bobrowicz Davidson Architects. She worked there for four years, beginning  immediately after graduation .

In addition Heli continues to be involved in academic activities, currently teaching at:

Deportment of Architecture, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design,  Jerusalem  (since  2003), and  the Deportment of Interior Design in, The College of Management Academic Studies {2006-2013).


Heli is dedicated to authenticity, reliability and excellence in architectural  practice.

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