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“D” Quarter

Beit-Shemesh - Israel


The city of Beit-Shemesh has the largest land reserve in the Jerusalem district. 90,000 citizens reside in Beit-Shemesh today and the city is planning to expand to 250,000 inhabitants during the next 20 years. "D" quarter will have 50,000 inhabitants.

The quarter is located in a terrain which is ecologically and visually sensitive. It is also rich with archaeology sites and heritage. Tel Yarmuth, in the northern part of the quarter, is more than 3,000 years old– Palace and Walled city. “Khirbat Kayafa” town is dated to King David's period and it overviews the Ella Valley where, according to the myth the fight between David and Goliath occurred.


The quarter planning is based on ecological and environmental principles: Conservation of fertile valleys and agricultural terraces and high respect to endemic vegetation. Intensification of employment within the residential neighborhoods is an important planning principle.

The major educational institutions are located in visually prominent locations and they will enrich the urban scene. The traffic hierarchy focuses on pedestrianization, bicycle lanes, public transportation and finally private vehicles. Major urban arteries are landscaped as boulevards with 3-4 lanes of shading trees. Diversity of housing types responds to variety of social groups - religious and non-religious populations.


The overall plan of the quarter is detailed within 6 neighborhoods - each one contains 1,000-2,000 families.

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