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Educational center

Sede Boker - Israel


The “Gadna” Desert Educational Center demonstrate through architecture the importance of sustainable design in harmony with the natural setting. Bioclimatic design was the first priority in this project. The over-riding concept was to design the educational center as an earth sheltered building, responding to major hot/cold variations of the area so as to create a stable and moderate temperature inside the building throughout the year.

The building was located on a slope, built into the hill, with a predominant views to the desert. As a special feature, stone pieces from around the region were displayed in the wall design. The building spreads like wings, embracing the desert and sitting low in the landscape, almost unnoticed when approaching from the north. On the exterior southern walls, a steel sun trellis allowed for shade and protection. The whole desert was the focus of the building and was the outdoor arena for the site. (built 1983)

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