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Kedem Visitors Center

Jerusalem - Israel


The Kedem area (formerly Givati ​​Parking Lot) is located at the center of the Tyropoeon Valley chanel, west of the eastern hill on which lies the City of David, and south of the Ophel area, south of the Temple Mount and the Old City Wall of Jerusalem.

In very large archaeological excavations during the last 15 years, were discovered archaeological  remains from which we can learn about the history of Jerusalem,  including strata from the First Temple period, remains from the Hasmonean period, a monumental building from the end of the Second Temple period, a spacious building from the Roman period, parts of a buildings from the Byzantine period alongside an alley and remains of buildings from the Early Islamic period.

The compound has been used for years as a parking lot for visitors to the Old City Of Jerusalem, the City of David and The National Park. It's proximity to the Western Wall on the one hand, the City of David on the other, is one of its outstanding caharacteristic.

The program's initiative, Elad association, intends to develop a visitors center for the the National Park around the walls of Jerusalem, the Old City and the City of David.

The building will include several wings:

  1. Archaeology floor that presents the finding of 8 different periods.

  2.  Tourist wing - will include information, classrooms, exhibits, auditorium, convention hall, tourist services (souvenirs, food, etc.).

  3. Roofs of the building as an accessible area for the general public.

  4.  Automatic parking lot - an advanced parking facility,

In addition, two underground passages are planned:

  1. The western route of the site passes the unique paved street from the time of the Second Temple, in which the pilgrims ascended from the Shiloah Pool to the Temple Mount. Under the street there is a drainage channel currently used for visitors. This plan offers a connection to this street and access it northward to the Western Wall and south to the Shiloah Pool.

  2. To the southeast, below Ma'alot Ir David St.- connecting to the excavation area of ​​the top of the hill where important archaeological finds from the First Temple period were discovered.

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